The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Zebra»

Meaning of Dream «Zebra»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

You shouldn’t be worried due to negative things in life. They are a part of nature just like Zebra is. There’s always a way out of various difficulties. Seeing a Zebra running away from you represents that you need to have a look for different ways to deal with difficulties.

Dreaming of being on Safari or an Africa and witnessing a Zebra indicates your attempt to raise your knowledge. Perhaps reading for the new trade? Dreaming of being chased by a zebra indicates turmoil’s appearance that is inescapable, but remember that there’s a way out of all the situations.

Dreaming of riding the Zebra means you’ll have immense money, although you must be positive and think good along with having a good attitude towards the process in attaining the wealth. Though visualization and yoga, the real way through which the money can be obtained will come soon. Dreaming of a zebra eating is related to money. Seeing the Zebra flying indicates a lucky time in life. Dreaming of a huge zebra indicates witnessing beautiful things or having a great fortune and activities.

Islamic interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of domesticated zebra indicates profits and benefits.

Dreaming of transformation of donkey into the zebra indicates evilness.

Dreaming of the entrance of zebra into one’s house indicates that the evil person will come into the house or that one will get an evil person to the house.

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