The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Woman»

Meaning of Dream «Woman»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

A woman is one of the most common dream symbols, especially in the dreams of men. If you dream about a woman, it may be because of your day time thoughts that revolve around females. A woman can be a number of things in a dream. She could be your friend, lover, or even your mother. The significance of a woman in dreams lies in her being a healing agent. If you know the woman in your dreams, it reflects your own feelings towards her.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

A woman in your dreams reflects the feminine qualities in you. These include nurturance, love, care, and passivity. It also reflects your own sexual desires and temptations. An old woman in your dreams means you are concerned about aging and graying. She could be a mother figure symbolizing female power. If you see a woman in your dreams, it reflects the other half of your personality. This is the sensitive, caring, and nurturing side of yours. According to Sigmund Freud, seeing a woman in dreams for a man is indicative of his repressed sexual desires. He attributed this phenomenon to the sexual wishes of the individual that seek fulfillment in these dreams. Another famous psychologist called the woman in the dreams of a man Anima, the other side of the personality of the dreamer.

Since ancient times, a woman in dreams has been interpreted as a messenger of good luck and the kisses of this woman have been deciphered as monetary benefits for the dreamer. If the girl in the dreams is well dressed and well behaved with modesty, then she reflects your goodness and chastity. If the girl is young and beautiful and behaves like a servant, it indicates good luck, prosperity, and joy for you. A well dressed young woman with manners indicates good news for you.

Original Meaning

Woman in dreams is often a result of sexual desires and wish fulfillment according to famous psychologists Freud and Jung. She is also the other side of the personality fo the dreamer also. Such a woman is often yourself that you do not recognize. She appears to remind you of the feminine qualities like nurturance, passivity, love and care that reside inside you but are not known to you. If she is an old lady, she represents a mother figure that you hold in respect and high esteem. She is an angel if you know her name and title. She comes as a guide and healing agent for you.

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