The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Winter»

Meaning of Dream «Winter»

Dream Interpretation:

Materialistic aspects

Dreaming of winter indicates an unfruitful time in life.

It may also indicate old age and also a period in life when we feel short of our energy.

Emotional/psychological perspective

At a point of time in life, we feel cold emotionally and this period is depicted by various images of winter – for example snow and ice – may depict the right things that we feel internally.

Dreams of seasons also represent a period in life when something may occur all of a sudden.

General meaning

In the nature’s cycle, winter may depict a period of wandering before the actual rebirth takes place and thus this season may represent death as an inevitable cycle that exists in the face of death as well as rebirth. You may wish to check on the entries written for icebergs/ice/icicles, autumn, spring, seasons, summer as well as snow.

Dreaming of winter is an indication of illness as well as favorable success in future.

However, after winter dream your hard efforts won’t be able to have satisfactory results for themselves.

Dreaming of winter is not a promise of any improvement related to finance.

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