The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Wind»

Meaning of Dream «Wind»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Wind is flowing air that is full of life force. It is invigorating and fresh most of the times though it can also have brute force to wreck havoc. Many people see wind in their dreams. It indicates that they are gentle and generous. Wind is also very pleasurable on warm and sunny days. Seeing wind in a dream indicates your desire for happiness and pleasure.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Wind in your dream tells that you are an intellectual man or woman. This is because wind symbolizes intellect. However, the interpretation of wind in dreams is dependent upon the weather conditions seen in the dream as well as the force of the wind. If the wind is seen in the form of a breeze, you could expect happiness and pleasure in life. On the other hand ferocious winds can spell trouble for your personal and emotional life. However, being related to intellect, wind in dream can also mean an idea that has struck or moved you. If it is a gale that you see in the dreams, it could reflect your passion about a person or a hobby. If the wind is blowing in the north direction, it could indicate a threat to your safety and security. If you are caught in a gale, it means that you have lost self control and looking for direction in real life. You should either withdraw yourself from the threatening situation or move away to a safer situation. Being caught in a hurricane also reflects your insecurity and emotional distress. You find yourself in a situation that is beyond your control and you cannot resist or change the situation.

At a deeper emotional level, encountering wind in a dream signifies a desire to become aware of our consciousness. It reflects a new beginning in our lives on a spiritual level. You are taking yourself more seriously than you should and you should leave important matters in the hands of the almighty who will guide you in the right direction.

Original Meaning

Wind is considered as pleasant and comforting by people when it is in the form of a breeze. Seeing it in dreams indicates intellect and a desire to break free from the mundane. But when you see a gale or a hurricane in your dream, it reflects a burning desire or passion in your life. If you are not able to find your way because of strong wind, it means you are feeling powerless in life.

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