The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Water»

Meaning of Dream «Water»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of drinking pure water in order to quench the thirst indicates the search for balance in a particular relationship along with replenishment. Dreaming of drinking dirty water indicates unhappiness due to an emotional bonding, and the relationship has started poisoning your belief about who you truly are. Taking dirty water (or dreaming of swimming in it) also symbolizes some kind of a spiritual crisis. Contamination and dirt in water symbolize negativity, clouded thinking as well as angst. To dream of being forced to drink water indicates that you have a feeling that something is being shoved down into your throat. It indicates that there is a conflict between the views of people around you and beliefs of your own. It also reflects a feeling of dissatisfaction with job because of moral principles or ideologies. Not all the dreams of drinking water resemble symbolical meaning. Sometimes you may have thirst for water and you need to drink it.

Dreaming of being immersed in water signifies either positive or negative meanings, depending on the experience.

If you dream of swimming with dolphins or with joy and ease, it means that you are succeeding in your endeavors that have resulted to optimistic and well-being feelings in relation to those that are right around you. On the contrary, if you are swimming through rough waters or are swimming while being exhausted in your dream indicates overwhelming feeling that you are experiencing in your tasks and such dreams indicate that you need to be careful about yourself so that you can face difficulties with enough strength.

If you are standing below a waterfall in your dream and if it is a positive feeling, it signifies cleansing as well as renewal. It also reflects in the birth of a new and romantic relationship and an exposure of a deep sexual desire. If you dream of being inundated by the waterfall, it indicates that you are going through a higher number of problems than you can actually handle. Negative connections and behaviors that you believe you had buried in the past may be haunting you down.

Dreaming of drowning signifies that you are going through an overwhelming phase in your life. You have no control over your life and could be literally drowning due to debts, depression, legal difficulties or even conflicts. It is important to concentrate on such dreams and know about the different things related to it. If you dream of a tsunami, it is somewhat similar to drowning; however while drowning is a slow and gradual process, tsunami indicates an unpredictable, sudden and powerful change in your emotional aspects. You are surely in danger of being in a bundle of emotions which even has the capacity to destroy your family, relationships, friendships or job. To dream of being in a storm, similarly indicates that you have a feeling of being buffeted by different events around you, but to a degree that’s lesser. As storms clear the air and somewhat make the skies peaceful, such dreams wherein you are strongly caught in a storm indicate some sort of an emotional change that will help you in healing.

Dreaming of diving into the water signifies that you are completely feeling in charge of the destiny and are completely ready to indulge in a new opportunity. Dreaming of travelling under the water in submarine or dreaming of snorkeling indicates that you are going through a contemplative phase in life, and that as a person you will indulge in your past or get deeper into your emotions to find out how they are creating an impact on your present.

Dream interpretations wherein you see yourself travelling right on the water surface depend on the controlling degree you have right in the dream depending on where you’re headed to.

Dreaming of skiing on the water or ice skating indicates that you’re al set up to let go and stable to take risks, but on a superficial level only. You may find yourself too addicted to the pursuit thrill or too scared to lose the control to indulge deeper into the feelings.

Dreaming where you’re paddling down the river without witnessing sailings on the ocean in an extremely beautiful weather indicates that you’re progressing in the efforts of accomplishing a particular goal. On the other hand, dreaming of traveling is complicated due to the adverse conditions that signify the need to prepare yourself for different challenges. Dreaming of being on open water, generally, indicates an honest and open approach in judging yourself as well as others.

Dreaming of being in an accident due to water, for example – hydroplaning in a car or falling on ice or slipping down – suggests that you’ve recently been through a betrayal in your romantic relationship with someone or taken by surprise. There is a need to re-stand yourself so that you can heal from the emotional break out.

To dream of playing in the rain, slashing in puddles, playing in the waves or fighting playfully in the water indicates that you have a lighthearted, or youthful approach towards life. Dreaming of playing in the water indicates new friendships or even benefits from new work connections.

Dreaming of being in the womb or being formed by water signifies a transition in your materialistic situations. You may get a new job soon, get divorced, have a baby or experience some sort of a major change in life that will need you to transform yourself. Such dreams are related to grasping the wisdom to have a new beginning.

Dreaming of being boiled in the water or turned into ice indicates that you’re going through emotional extremes that have the capacity to destroy your life, unless you find a new way to get rid of them. Dreams of being boiled indicate feelings of anger, hatred, fear, resentment, or loathing whereas dreams of being frozen indicate trauma, catatonia, depression, or disassociation.

Dreams of splashing the water indicate that you’re getting a jolt advising you to concentrate on refocusing or redirecting your diverted attention. This can happen by seeing the water thrown right in your face or on your body from a bucket or cup or while you are playing right in the pool. In both the cases, it’s a clear indication that you must take an in-depth look at the relationships with people who surround you. In some cases, however, it may mean that you should apply yourself and perform harder in some of the areas in life.

Dreams of watering the plants or animals indicate the popping side of your creativity wherein you are able to take steps to have a plan or project implied.

Dreaming of your house suffering from flood signifies that your family is strongly being torn apart by certain conflicts. Worries related to finance or material issues cause stress and are influencing negatively on the relationships.

Dreaming of listening to water indicates you’re slowly being aware of your present emotional state; however, being fully aware of your inner feelings is not yet achieved and is right beneath the consciousness.

Interpretation of water can be done in two different meanings. Dreaming of clean water signifies that the things may progress in future, positively. Dreaming of unclean water means pleasure and joy may enter in your life, soon – especially in you dream of beautiful water. If a child is related to water and a woman has this dream, it’s a positive sign of pregnancy.

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