The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Venus»

Meaning of Dream «Venus»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreams of Venus have different meanings for the dreamer. Usually, Venus the Goddess or the planet Venus has connections with relationships and love. Dreams that are positive, including Venus energy, Venus the Goddess, or Venus planet, have good indications for marriage, love and romance. The dream is special is dreamer is blessed by Venus, or sees Venus in the partner or lover’s present, or his wish is granted by Venus the universe – which states that you are searching for true love in your life. It is that time when you are indicated that the period is good to fall in love, have faith in someone, grow the relationship furthermore, or get married. Dreaming of being on the right side of the energies of Venus, is an indication that you will have immense romance in life and get what you want in your love life since long.

If you dream of being in a disagreement with Venus with regards to love, it is an indication that you are attracting Venus energies in the waking world for yourself. Think of how you wronged someone in love and how you may have to repay by your karmas of romance.

Certain dreams represent that you are bound to the Goddess Venus energies in a strengthened manner. Dreaming of being a virgin and enlightening the fires in temple are signs of being eager to have love in life. For a few times, these dreams represent guilt of doing something wrong in the past, but most of the times they indicate desperation for someone. Think whether you have feelings of only lust, and not true love. Also think of one sided love and a way to find various types of friendships. Beware, not all the connections that are strong are love.

Seeking the aid of Venus makes you realize that she does not help for free. You have to prepare yourself to pay the price for happiness as well as true love.

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