The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Umbrella»

Meaning of Dream «Umbrella»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Wearing an umbrella in a dream during the rains indicates bad changes that are going to take place in future. It is a good sign if you dream of an open umbrella. Usually, dreams of umbrella indicate protection and profits that are on your way. Seeing an umbrella in dream portrays that you’re protected from problems and troubles as well in life.

If you dream of having an umbrella, it speaks of the financial advantages that you are going to have soon. Financial difficulties are depicted by your dreams if you buy umbrella in them. Dreaming of having an umbrella indicates that you can use your friends. If you dream of passing your umbrella to someone else, you may attend a significant meeting in future.

Dreaming of a silk umbrella indicates honor. Dreaming of wearing a parasol replacing umbrella indicates that you are going to have a love relationship and will enjoy a beautiful vacation.

Dreaming of being yourself in the shadow of yours or someone else’s umbrella indicates that you would enjoy support from a close person. Persian tradition states that such dreams depict money. Umbrella dreams suggest that you are protected from difficulties, stress and problems in life.

Dreaming of an umbrella tells you that you should ask for help when you are in need. Parasol indicates that you are going to find support and advice from others soon. Closed umbrella dreams indicate that it is not necessary for you to worry so much for all your wishes are going to be true. Dreaming of closing an umbrella indicates that you, with all your heart, trust a loved one. Dreaming of a turned umbrella indicates that there will be a change in the situation.

Dreaming of an umbrella protecting you from the rains states that you are soon going to enjoy success and will certainly have guard against major failures in life. Lost umbrella indicate abandonment. Losing umbrella in your dream suggests that you may have problems back at your workplace.

Dreaming of repairing an umbrella indicates that you are surely going to manage your life to overcome the difficulties and adversities that you generally face all the while. Dreaming of a broken umbrella is a warning about danger. Several umbrellas in the dream indicate that you must guard yourself from people who are jealous of you.

Dreaming of an umbrella indicates defensiveness, telling you to protect your emotions. It can be an indication of a major fear in future.

Dreaming of an umbrella states that you need to take care in some dangers that may occur in future. Umbrella indicates that you are going to overcome the worries and you will surely enjoy some unexpected help. An umbrella that’s stretched indicates disagreements in family. Such a dream acts as a warning signal for you to concentrate on your own actions and the words that you speak for others, so that you do not mourn on the same in future.

Dreaming of walking in the rain indicates that you are going to enjoy times of contentment and joy in future. But the umbrella may also symbolize the fact that you are the sole person who is responsible for your family’s misunderstandings and hence you must look out for your mistakes and take efforts to repair them, before you get into deeper problems.

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