The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Tornado»

Meaning of Dream «Tornado»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Tornadoes generally are complex symbols in dreams. They demonstrate emotions in life and the vortex’s swirl depicts the inner emotions. Dreaming of chasing the tornadoes indicate that someone in your life is displaying powers over you. Vortex right in the middle of the tornado is related to the ups and downs in life and there are too many related meanings associated to this symbol.

Dreaming of surviving a tornado indicates that you’re going to have advancement in life, or “achieving new heights”. Dreaming of objects in the air that are being blown away or crashing indicates emotions that are needed to be explored. Tornado represents in the waking life as a quick change. Therefore, dreaming of more than one tornado indicates a strong change in life.

Dreaming of a moving tornado indicates that you’re leading yourself towards the goal or being ahead in general. Dreaming of being caught in the tornado indicates that someone’s controlling you and you’re letting that happen. Dreaming of seeing a tornado from far indicates physical body; hence focus on the tornado’s appearance. If we dig deeper into the basics of a tornado, large funnels of the air and in the dream it indicates feelings as well as processes that affect the daily life. It is required to look at this dream in order to find out which part of your life is affected. Is there anything dangerous that can hurt you? Probably a relationship?

Dreaming of a tornado may be related to destructions in life and it may have the power to destruct anything in its way. Dreaming this may mean that you are going to undertake a situation that may ruin others or yourself, and hence this dream is a warning. Tornadoes symbolize fear for fear. Looking into the waking life, it rips out all leading to fear.

In order to be away from any unfortunate situation, try to sort out your life before any destruction takes place. Dreaming of this may also be related to the mental state of your mind. Are you depressed in recent times? Look on the positive sides of life as this is what this dream means.

Material Aspects

Dreaming of a tornado is a symbol of energy that’s violent. Mostly, it is the feelings and emotions against which we are completely powerless.

It is an understood symbol of energy that has turned on itself and thus has become very destruction.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Although a tornado is very destructive in nature, it can also be cleansing and thus it may often trigger the psychological level of the dreamer.

It takes off all in the front but after the passage, it has the capacity to give birth to new lives as well as new beginnings.

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