Top List of Night Dreams for Last Month

Top 10 List of Night Dreams


Summer is one season of the year that is much awaited by people because of abundance of sunshine and warmth.People love summer season so much that they even dream about it during sleep.


Car may be just a mode of transport for you but it also signifies comfort and convenience. It is a very common dream symbol that represents your motivation to achieve a goal.


Flowers are not only aromatic, they are also very beautiful. They are tender and delicate and symbolize beauty and comfort. Many people see them in their dreams.


Wallpaper is a common object used by people in their homes. It is a printed paper that is used as a covering for beautification of the interiors. Many people prefer to use it on their walls rather than to paint them.


If you hear the roar of a lion in your dream, your popularity will spread far and wide. In terms of psychology, lion represents all of those qualities that are shown by him: strength, courage, pride, majesty, etc.


A wolf indicates guardian in our life. Dreaming of other wild dogs generally suggests that your feelings or emotions are being challenged. Dreaming of being chased by a pack of wolves or a single wolf means that you may go through some sort of depression in future.


Dreaming of a beach along with a mountain range and a dense forest suggests that you’re searching for something that can be attained. However, it may also show of witnessing difficulties.


‘Spring forward, fall back’ saying is applicable to psychological terms as the new energy and effort is required for success. Dreaming of walking with the spring in steps, means looking forward towards something.


Dreaming of winter indicates an unfruitful time in life. It may also indicate old age and also a period in life when we feel short of our energy.


Such a dream indicates consciousness of something that’s getting to an end. We are able to know the good situation that can be grabbed up in the future.


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