The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Tiger»

Meaning of Dream «Tiger»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

An enemy or a ruler that’s unjust and tyrant is represented by the tiger in a dream. Killing of a tiger in a dream represents defeating or disappearing of an enemy. Thriving on the tiger’s flesh in the dream represents honor, profits as well as money. Riding the tiger dream means sovereignty as well as authority.

Rude individual who attacks the family is represented by the dream of a tiger within the house.

Enjoying the money from a rude or creative person is represented by the figure of tiger or leopard in the dream.

Fighting or being defendant against a rude individual is represented by the dream wherein one is struggling against the tiger.

Damage due to a rude person is represented by tiger’s bite in the dream.

Tiger’s dream also indicates a woman or a man.

It also indicates betrayal, illness, trickery or irritation of the eye.

Enmity is represented by the milk of a tigress in the dream.

Dreaming of a tiger also means repenting on a particular sin.

Original Meaning

Fearful emotions or suppressed feelings are symbolized by the dream of a tiger.

Female lust, need and sexuality are represented by the dream of a tiger.

If the tiger in the dream is caged, it indicates that the suppressed feelings are at the verge of being out.

If you are being attacked by the tiger in your dream, you may be tormented and stressed due to your enemies.

If you dream about killing or escaping from the tiger, you will be surprisingly successful in all that you do in life.

It is a symbol of good health, internal strength and energy.

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