The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Sun»

Meaning of Dream «Sun»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Sun is the center of our existence as it provides the warmth and comfort that is essential for human beings. It is something that we see every day and though we do not talk about it, we are subconsciously aware of its presence in our lives. Many people see sun in their dreams. It reflects their desire for knowledge, warmth, and comfort.

Psychological/emotional perspective

We are drawn towards things that provide us succor. Sun is a symbol of knowledge and life itself. It is natural for us to be attracted towards sun like a sunflower that seems to be obsessed as it continues to move in the direction of the sun. It is an extreme form of admiration; rather worship on the part of this flower. To see sun in your dream is like an act of worship on your part for this giant celestial body that stands for life. You may be searching for knowledge and enlightenment in your life and this desire finds an expression in the form of sun in your dreams.

To see sun in a dream tells that you are seeking warmth and love in your life. It is also a desire to acknowledge the supremacy of sun when it comes to a celestial body with so much of energy and power. It is your desire to be guided by the light and energy of the sun. The interpretation of the symbol sun in dreams is dependent upon the prevailing weather conditions. If you see cloudy weather conditions along with sun in your dreams, it means that you are not able to take a clear decision. You are looking for guidance and direction to overcome a challenging situation. It is the rising sun in your dream that reflects happiness and new beginning in your life. In a similar manner, it is the setting sun in your dream that indicates the fact that a chapter in your life is finally coming to an end.

Original Meaning

Sun is a symbol of life itself with its heat and light. It is also a celestial body that stands for knowledge and authority. To see sun in your dreams is to acknowledge the authority and power of this celestial body. You are looking for guidance and help which is why you see sun in your dreams. Rising sun reflects new beginnings in life while setting sun indicates endings.

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