The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Strawberry»

Meaning of Dream «Strawberry»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Strawberry is a fruit that is loved by most people because of its great taste. It is a very common and very popular fruit that is also seen by many in their dreams. If you see strawberries in your dreams, it reflects your temptations and desires. In material terms, seeing strawberry in dreams indicates that your ideas will fructify and you will be able to reach your goals.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Strawberry is a fruit that is linked with feminine qualities and also female sexuality. If you see this fruit in your dreams, it is a reminder of your own sexual needs. You can expect erotic encounters with the opposite sex in near future if you are lucky to see strawberries in your dreams. However, strawberries are also indicative of jealousy and seeing them in dreams means you are jealous of someone. It could be your business partner or even life partner. If you make someone else eat strawberries in your dreams, it indicates that this person is jealous towards you. If you find yourself picking strawberries from their trees, you are being reminded of people who are your competitors. In laws could be creating problems in your life if you see yourself cutting strawberries into pieces and putting them on a plate. Eating the jam of strawberries in your dreams means that you will be lucky and get a job in the public sector. You can expect to get your long awaited wish fulfilled.

Interestingly, selling strawberries in dreams indicates that you will have quarrel with your spouse in real life. If you see strawberries in large numbers in your dreams, it is indicative of the fact that you will fall in love soon.

Original Meaning

To see strawberries in your dreams is indicative of sexual desires and jealousy. You envy your spouse or partner if you are eating this fruit in your dream. You can expect good fortune and fulfillment of your wishes when you see this fruit in your dreams. It indicates your growing friendship with a person. Picking up strawberries from its tree is a sign that you can expect some good news soon in the near future. If you see or collect wild strawberries, you could expect a love affair soon in your life. Size of strawberries also matters. If you see large strawberries, it means that you are too proud. Picking strawberries indicates mild illness on your part.

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