The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Stars»

Meaning of Dream «Stars»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Stars are an integral part of our galaxy and we all grow up seeing them in the night sky. There are also rhymes and stories taught at childhood that keep us interested in these celestial bodies. It is no surprise then that many of us see these stars in their dreams. It is a symbol of achievement in dreams. It also symbolizes noble people. You are likely to attend a gathering of celebrities and other stars if you see stars in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspective)

Stars in dreams stand for political leaders, scholars, and other rich and influential people in the society. But if you find the stars in your dream inside your house, it indicates that you are a part of a large family. If you see the 7 fixed stars in your dream, it reflects business dealings in addition to your knowledge and leadership traits. A brilliant star in the dream indicates leadership and happiness in life. Loss of wealth is reflected by no stars in the sky in a dream. It could even indicate the death of the dreamer if he happens to be a poor man. If you see a star overhead in your dream, it means that you will progress in life and overtake your colleagues and associates. If you have a star in your hands in the dream, it means that you will become famous and have authority over many people. If all the brilliant stars are seen together in a room, it means that the dreamer will be back with safety from a business trip. Seeing stars on the roof of one’s room is not a good omen as it indicates calamity in near future. It could also mean destruction of the home of the dreamer. If you see yourself swallowing a star in your dreams, it is reflective of your desire to mingle with influential people. If the stars in the dream are scattered, it could mean a war or the death of a famous political leader or scholar.

Original Meaning

Stars are symbols of hope and achievement in life. If you see a star in your dreams, it is generally believed to be a sign of your desire to be in the company of famous and influential people. A shining star in dreams expresses hopes for you even in adverse situations where you think that everything is finished.

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