The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Space»

Meaning of Dream «Space»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Collective unconscious is represented by dreams of space. Dreaming of needing more space is a very common one. Try to overcome the feelings of restriction. Dreaming of perceiving space consciously represents that you possess an ability to check and use y

our potential. Dreaming of having the feeling of needing more space also indicates that your personal space or privacy has been intruded by someone.

In a spiritualistic way, dreaming of space indicates greater good as well as cosmic entity. Generally, such a dream indicates that you feel better protection in life. Space is related to overcoming the reality and having an access to higher being as well as inner knowing. Dreaming of being along in a never before seen space and fearing indicates that you are isolated and have given up your positivity and spirit.

In a dream, if you see a huge empty space located in a building, for example an empty room, it indicates a hopeless future. Dreaming of a space indicates that the hopes are of no use since you will never be obtaining what you desire in the end. Dreaming of empty spaces suggest that your freedom and independence will be found by you, soon.

Dreaming of empty rooms reflect your personality that is not related to your real being. Dreaming of an empty room and finding yourself to be alone in such a place indicates several factors related to your personality right in the waking world. Dreaming of a small empty room indicates that you hope to get rid of the reality and go to some place where you can easily locate freedom and comfort. If you see more than a single empty room in the dream with a lot of space, it represents various stages of your life. Dreaming of several empty rooms of the house where you stay represent the value of family occasions and beliefs.

Dreaming of outer space indicates totality of entirety and being. Try to concentrate on those features of life that can be stated as perfect.

Material Aspects

Dreaming of known spaces signify our potential. We may have a feeling that our personal space is or has been badly penetrated.

‘Spaced out’ in a dream indicates the expansion of our personal boundaries by using stimuli.

Emotional/psychological perspective

In a psychological way, there is a need for space to have the best use of different opportunities. It is necessary for us to be capable to go beyond our concepts of restriction and limitations.

Exploring spaces takes us ahead of our little world that makes us conscious about the need for using the resources in an excellent manner.

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