The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Snow»

Meaning of Dream «Snow»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

If you are seeing snow in your dreams, it means you are procrastinating and avoiding dealing with your problems directly. However, in material terms, seeing snow in dreams can be indicative of profits in your business. Snow is white and pure and this is why you can expect to get relief from your illness when you see it in your dream. It also means that you have found a way of dealing with the problems and hardships in your life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Snow feels very cold to touch, and you are emotionally frigid or cold if you see snow in your dreams. Seeing snow in different scenarios can mean different things for the dreamer. It could mean that you are feeling left out in the cold with others ignoring you in real life. If you see melting snow in your dream, it means that you have learnt to accept and express your emotions in front of others. Do you see dirty snow in your dreams? Do not worry as it is a good omen indicating the fact that you have finally become mature. Frozen is the word that comes to our mind when we think of snow. But seeing snow in dreams can also be indicative of transformation in our thoughts and feelings.

One aspect of snow that makes it special for love life is its coexistence with fire that is its opposite. If you see fire and snow together in your dreams, it signifies, love, passion, and companionship. Pure and clean snow in dreams indicates a process of purification of thoughts and feelings. If you see melting snow, it means that your worries and problems are getting dissolved in real life. You are being overwhelmed by your emotions if you see an avalanche in your dreams.

Original Meaning

Snow is considered a symbol of purity in real life. When you see ground covered with snow in your dreams, it indicates a protective covering for you in real life. But in general, seeing snow in dreams reflects emotional frigidity. You have a need to confront your emotions and repressed feelings. If you find yourself caught in a snowstorm or a blizzard in your dreams, it means you are overwhelmed by your own emotions. If you are a girl and see falling snow in your dreams, it means that you will soon receive a letter from the man who will marry you shortly.

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