The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Shadow»

Meaning of Dream «Shadow»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dreaming and seeing your shadow is a representation of a hidden part of your character as a person, for which you’re truly not aware of. Such attributes may not be that derogatory, but you are reluctant to reveal them up to others because you’re afraid of embarrassment and rejection. If you see a shadowy figure in your dream, it simply indicates that you possess traits you cannot really understand or that you don’t realize you have one. Such dream is also a representation that a person is impressionable, immature and plain naïve. Seeing a shadow in a dream signifies that you are an introverted kind of person. When you have such experience, it is important for you to know that analyzing yourself and your life is essential. This way, you are able to see which path you’re taking.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

People and their activities can be looked as the shadow projection. Shadow refers to a person’s personality, largely negative or generally, shadow reflects the unconscious. Everyone is carrying a shadow, both good and bad and most people are not aware of it. An irrational or instinctive shadow is a person prone to personal inferiority, also known as moral deficiency. Such projections can insulate harm to people by simply acting as a constant veil of illusions between the reality and dreams.

Original Meaning

Shadow in a dream is associated with the vague parts of yourself that you really don’t know in the reality. This shadowy part of your personality continues to be sealed in your subconscious to support the goals that could convey such. When you dream of shadows, you’ll see that it just keeps on following you and both of you are inseparable. Whenever you see that the shadows are taking on a scary element, you must consider whether you have that shady character or if you are afraid of your own shadow for which you’re truly scared of letting out for the reason that it scares you. Generally, shadow haunts our dreams and is connected with being an introvert. However, if you are an extrovert, it is the best time for you to let go. Seeing a shadow in your dreams is also a sign of wealth and protection. It could even foretell a good health as well. While a man’s shadow reflects protection, a woman’s indicate a very good gain. If you see a shadow in your dreams and it’s not yours, it’s a good sign of gain and luck. A big shadow means envy, and wealth. If you have dreamed of sitting in the shadow of an oak tree, it means that you will have excellent prosperity and health in the future. Seeing your own shadow in a dream means that there will be an indecisive trip. Whenever you see the shadow of your real-life partner in your dreams, you will succeed ahead. A shadow in your dream is definitely a sign that there’s someone who is able to protect you and support you unexpectedly.

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