The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Sea»

Meaning of Dream «Sea»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of being on the beach measuring the carrier waves at the feet indicates an invitation to a serene and ordered life. If you wish to turn to the river, it states that in your destiny, you don’t succeed in any way. Dreaming of swimming in the sea that’s calm represents the relationship with the family or the loved ones that may get upset in future. Learn to be tolerant and patient. Dreaming of a stormy sea indicates that you must be well prepared for troubles as the appearance may come when it is not expected. Dreaming of giving your body right at the disposal of various surging waves indicates the life’s vicissitudes, you need to “fight out” being self dependent. Dreaming of not only seeing the sea but also hearing the waves being crashed against the shore indicates that the prophecy may come true in future. More the sounds you get to hear, earlier is the chance of the dream coming true. It suggests that if you were dreaming right in the morning in the sound of the surf, the phone call can be expected during the first few hours of the morning or even when you’ve checked the “last series” sleep of predawn. Dreaming of a restless sea indicates bankruptcy or losses. Dreaming of the sun hiding right behind the clouds and the sea being measured by an incident on the shore indicates that you can expect problems related to loved ones. Dreaming of the sea island states that your friends around you don’t support and don’t give you a helping hand. Dreaming of being caught on the island indicates that you’ve made a mistake in analyzing someone known. Dreaming of falling into the sea indicates that you’d fall into a complex situation. Dreaming of going to a long sea indicates that you can’t help anyone. Dreaming of being in the calm sea and warm weather suggesting you to go for a swim indicates that the reality will raise your vitality. Dreaming of swimming in the ship right in the sea indicates that all the doubts will be overcame and you won’t feel nervousness and stupid with or without the same. Dreams of the sea ships talk of fluctuations and instability.

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