The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Saturn»

Meaning of Dream «Saturn»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Saturn is one of the 8 planets of our solar system. It is a symbol of being a deputy to the authority or a ruler. It reflects subjugation on the part of the dreamer. You could be an employee who is determined to serve his master wholeheartedly without any inhibitions. This dream symbol also reflects wildlife and your love or concern with many animals and insects is expressed when you see Saturn in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspective

If you see the planet Saturn in your dreams, it means that you are a lover of wildlife and have a desire to spend time in the company of wild animals such as dear, buffaloes, peacock, parrots etc. This planet alternatively reflects caterpillar and its creation, the silk fabric. You could also have been punished by your employer or boss. In dreams, planet Jupiter also reflects adversities and poverty in real life. Saturn is a symbo0l of subjugation. You are not a born leader when you see this planet in your dreams and you are content serving your master. You are willing to carry out the orders and commands of your boss and never question his decisions.

Saturn is a planet that reflects the fact that you know your boundaries and stay within limits. You are known by your friends as someone who has a conservative attitude. You are afraid to try out new and innovative ideas and people rely upon you because you are disciplined. You have learnt the lessons of life and have a fear of the unknown. This is the reason why you do not cross the limits set by the society. However, Saturn also symbolizes strong willpower and a transformation in personality that is a result of strengthening and hardening of your thought processes. However, Saturn in general represents constraints and limits upon your personality and feelings. There are also dream experts who say that this planet reflects male sexuality and strength.

Original Meaning

Saturn is a symbol of subjugation and power of attorney. However, if you see this planet along with moon in your dreams, it is indicative of a desire to expand your business. You are a lover of wildlife and strongly desire to live in the wilderness. Saturn in dreams also reflects hardship and poverty along with adverse situations in your professional life. You are a conservative individual who likes to remain within limits.

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