The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Raven»

Meaning of Dream «Raven»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a raven is generally a bad sign of misfortune and betrayal and is a negative omen in your life. Dreaming of a raven flying right above you indicates that something bad is right over your head and you have to take precautions for the same. You need to be careful in life if you dream of the feathers of raven since you would be betrayed by someone you won’t even understand, soon.

According to the Indians, raven was a healing sign and hence if Indians are somewhere present in your dream, it may have a good sign that someone whom you love or is your dear one, may get healed for a longer duration, or this healing may even last for a short period of time. Indians also believed that raven were intelligent and wise creatures and hence if may mean that you are soon going to be intelligent or wise about certain situations in life.

Dreaming of a dead raven indicates that you are going to defeat the things in your life and no one will ever betray or insult you in any way. If you see one dead raven surrounded by others who are alive indicates that you will defeat one problem but the existence of the others may have to be looked after.

Dreaming of a raven following you gives you a warning to be careful about the people whom you work with at your work place for they might through you under the bus in order to get your job or may even keep your away from getting your desired job. Betrayal in relationship is indicated by dreams of several ravens and hence be careful about your lover. Ravens can never be trusted in any situation and if such dreams repeat, you must check on the people who exist in your life, wisely. You may find someone who is not the way you think is.

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