The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Rainbow»

Meaning of Dream «Rainbow»

Dream Interpretation:

Aspects of material

A guarantee of something good to come in future is what is depicted by a dream of rainbow.

This meaning comes in dreams due to the classic story about the gold’s pot right at the edge of the rainbow is thoroughly influenced in the folklore.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Advice of a requirement for stretched sense of awareness is done by the increase of adoring as well as being aware of something as delicate as a rainbow.

For example – purpose represents dignity, green represents fertility, and red represents passion.

Chinese interpretation

Black rainbow represents back luck; red rainbow represents a happy fortune.

Original Meaning

Possibility of unusual happenings is represented by a dream of a rainbow.

Crops will provide yield in bulk, and affairs will have good supports.

Omen of happiness from the union is represented by the rainbow if lovers see it in their dreams.

A dream of a rainbow hanging low, right over the green trees represents rapid success in anything.

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