The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Railway»

Meaning of Dream «Railway»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Railway is a mode of transport that is very important in the lives of many people. It is so commonly used that people have come to rely upon its speed and comfort to reach their destination without any problems. Railway saves time and money as it is a fast and cheap mode of transport. Railway in dream signifies our desire to move forward in life. If you see only a single railway track in dreams, it means that there is only one way to move ahead while seeing multiple tracks means there are lots of opportunities in life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Railway is a symbol of speed and comfort. It also signifies moving ahead without any obstacles in life. This is because a train moves at great speed on its tracks without any worries of traffic and other obstacles. If you see railway in your dreams, you are a goal oriented individual with eyes upon the path that takes you to the goal. You know how to tackle the challenges thrown at you in your life and glide past them easily to reach your goal. If you see the signal of a railway line or the junction from where the train changes its direction, it means it is time to take a detour or to change your direction.

Railway, though it changes directions many times, signifies the fact that you are pretty straightforward and stick to a direction when you have made a choice. It also tells the dreamer that he follows a predictable routine and it is time to follow a different pattern in real life. Finding yourself on a railway station is indicative of the fact that it is time that you take the planned break. Seeing the tracks of the railway in your dream suggests that you have made up your mind to follow certain direction in your life. It means that you are safe and secure and lead a disciplined life.

Original Meaning

Railway is used by us to reach our destination in a safe and fast manner. Railway has come to symbolize speed and comfort in our lives. Railway station in dreams suggests that you are going through a transitional phase while tracks suggest you have made up your mind and will stick to it. Railway in dream means that you have the ability to work your way past obstacles and know how to reach your goals in life.

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