The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Rabbit»

Meaning of Dream «Rabbit»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Luck, success as well as energy are the three different things indicated by a hare or rabbit dream. It’s a good sign. To add on to this, rabbits indicate sexual urges as well, a sense of wealth, idealism and even gentleness. Threatened freedoms was said to be symbolized by a rabbit in the dream, according to Jung. Rabbit is an optimistic sign in the dream and it is related to the world of spiritualism; with the help of its guidance, you can consider the other content of your dream for better insights.

A frightening rabbit indicates your internal emotions stating uncertainty. White colored rabbits are said to be lucky in the dream state. A rabbit that is not ordinary may indicate a deeper relation with your lover. Killing a rabbit in your dream suggests that you will have to undertake certain changes to have a better life. Turning into a rabbit in your dream is a sign that you will get help from other people.

Feeding a rabbit in dream indicates that other people may take away something from you that you really like. A starving rabbit indicates that others may come in to your life seeking help. Dreaming of blood on the rabbit indicates that someone may speak with others about you. If you dream of a tamed rabbit, it means that children will enter into your life soon and you are surely going to build a connection with fertility. If you are able to understand any animal in your dream, it states that you have a teacher in life in the face of that animal. Understanding in dream indicates that you search for different qualities to enhance lifestyle.

Spiritual incitement as well as intuition is indicated by a hare in dream. Such a dream may also be related to new beginnings. Use the feminine qualities that you possess. Are you quick in taking decisions? A rabbit indicates that your life is going to speed up soon. Such a dream is also related to fertility and you may notice that you are able to conceive a child in future, quite easily. Seeing rabbits in a house or petting an animal in your dream indicates children. Excellent fortune is in the near future if you see hundreds of rabbits in your dream.

Dreaming of a rabbit biting or scratching indicates male fertility, intercourse, plethora and extreme warmth. This sort of a dream may also be related to Easter. Seeing a dream wherein the bunny is white and fluffy indicates your love commitment. Brown colored rabbit indicates your drive towards appropriate course in your life. Seeing a black rabbit indicates that you may go through stress in the coming time.

If you dream of a hopping rabbit in the fields, it indicates virility. Several children may be borne by you in future. To add on to this, this dream may indicate your work commitment. The sensation of hopping in dream states that you go on jumping from one task to another. Dreaming of a friendly communication between you and the rabbit states that your relationship with your love one will enhance. Seeing a dead rabbit in the dream indicates that you have to be more careful about your connection with someone, who belongs to the opposite gender.

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