The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Pomegranates»

Meaning of Dream «Pomegranates»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

These indicate power, sex, attractive and even richness. They depict wealth as well as charm in the dream. However, they are not good signs, always. This was the fruit that was eaten by goddess Persephone when she resided in the Hades’ depths and this fruit was the one that kept her in the winter’s darkness for half of the complete year. Although this fruit can be a good omen in the dream, they indicate reaching out for something that is beyond your reach and may also indicate suspicion or even over involvement in something.

Dreaming of eating the seeds of this fruit is a clear indicate of attraction. This can either or sexual or related to power, love or even money. Seed consumption is an indication of finality also. It may indicate the start or end of a particular thing in your life; however the taken action is the last step. Starving in the dream and finding the seeds of pomegranate indicate your authority for more in life. Such dreams are similar to having desires or lust in your life. Many times, this can even be a good thing if it is a reflected or positive one, thanks to which the job can be easily done. Yet, you may even lose control and it may go away from you.

Dreaming of eating this fruit completely is not a general one as only the inside part of this fruit can be consumed. Dreaming of chewing the pomegranate’s skin indicates that you need to be careful about your involvements in the real world. Skin of this fruit represents the external or waking world. This may indicate your money or house. The thick feature of the skin of this fruit represents that there’s a need for you to guard your money as well as home at present.

Dreaming of planting this fruit’s tree is a good sign for money coming in the future. It indicates that you’re taking positive decisions related to your finance. It is a good time to invest on to something or get something done at home. You may wish to build your resources at present, preparing for the future time. Dreaming of cooking with this fruit of picking up ripe pomegranates indicate same meanings as well. These are good omens for your mental and emotional stabilities. If you have such dreams, it indicates that you are intelligent and have the will to do what you can, for a better future. Such dreams let you be certain about the decisions that you are taking in your life and helps you move ahead for your aims. This is the planning as well as preparation time for you in order to build a better future. It states that you are completely in charge of your own destiny and nobody else is taking over any control.

Dreaming of this fruit containing bugs or being rotten indicates that you should think about the various ways due to which you are unhappy in your life. There may be certain aims that you couldn’t achieve in life. On the contrary, what are the aims that you dropped yourself in life?

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