The meaning of the dream in which you saw «People»

Meaning of Dream «People»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

We make use of people we see in our dreams to construct our lives inside these dreams. WE often see those very people who are there in our lives in real life. Some people come to represent certain attributes or qualities in our dreams. There are dream experts who say that we see these people as we project our lives into a dream and try to solve our everyday problems.

It is not essential to try to find out the real meaning of a dream as assessment of the actions of the central character of our dreams and their effects on our life. If you see too many people in your dreams, it means that we are trying to relate with people in our vicinity. The following paragraph contains explanations of people in your dreams in different circumstances.

People in our dreams indicate the fact that we are trying to hide some of our own personality features. They also indicate our attempt to shirk responsibilities in life. If there is a huge crowd that we see in dreams, it means that there is information that we cannot handle on our own. If you see your neighbor or an associate in your dreams, it is likely that you appreciate a quality in that person. Jealousy is reflected if you see the relatives or friends of someone else in your life. Experts say that we see others in our dreams when we face an inner conflict between our love and hatred for those people. There are always two sides of our own feelings and thoughts and these people reflect this dichotomy very well. Often there is interesting scenario in our dreams as we try to adjust to the presence of two characters. We try to focus our attention on a quality so that we are able to accommodate both characters inside the dream. One fact that makes the appearance of people in our dreams interesting is that these characters are representations of some or the other feature of our personality.

Original Meaning

If you see people who are known to you, it means that you are desirous of the qualities of these people in yourself. However, if you see unknown faces in your dreams, it reflects aspects of your own personality that you are not aware of. If there are people who have been a part of your life in the past, you are trying to relate to hidden aspects of your own personality. It is like you are in a wakeful condition trying to relate to people from your past.

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