The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Pegasus»

Meaning of Dream «Pegasus»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Winged horse Pegasus is seen by many in their dreams. It is a mythical creature that has the capacity to fly. White in color, this horse is a source of motivation for many people while others fantasize about their sexual desires when they see this horse in their dreams. Pegasus is a creature that is adorable and you see it in your dreams when you have feelings of love and tenderness towards someone in life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

One can find a mention of a winged horse in many religions and cultures around the world. This horse expresses sexual desires of the dreamer. Not the repressed ones but those that the dreamer has in his waking state and he wants to grow these desires to higher levels. There is a desire to let these sexual fantasies to grow bigger and deeper in size. To speak bluntly, it is your sexual fantasy that combines with your sexual desires in the wakeful state and finds an expression in the form of this winged horse. If you do not allow full release of your sexual energy and let it build over a period of time, it becomes huge and enters those parts of your brain that remain latent and sleeping otherwise. It is this awakening of these brain parts that is seen in the form of Pegasus.

If woman having children turns her love and affection for her kids into social caring and becomes deeply involved with this work, she often sees a white winged horse in her dreams. It is an expression of her emotional feelings getting extended beyond her own kids to a large number of people. She is now flying into a bigger world and her love and affection knows no boundaries. If you have read Greek mythology, Pegasus was born from the blood that dropped from the head of Medusa when Perseus cut it off. This Whitehorse kept roaming here and there freely until he was caught using a golden bridle by Bellerophon. Bellerophon made use of Pegasus in many of his adventures. Later Pegasus reached Mount Olympus and Zeus took him as his personal horse.

Original Meaning

Pegasus is a mythical winged white horse that expresses your sexual desires in your dreams. This horse in your dreams is indicative of your sexual energy rising to a point where it becomes pure and ready to be pressed into service for noble causes.

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