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Meaning of Dream «Orange»

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You need not worry if you see orange trees with ripe oranges hanging from the branches in your dreams as this is an indication that you are enjoying good health and richness. The thing to remember with these dreams is that the oranges you see in them should be ripe and juicy if you want to connect them with your prosperity. The condition of your health is, in a similar manner, dependent upon the condition of the oranges you see in your dreams. In fact, you should be happy if you are watching orange trees in your dreams as this is a sign that you are very lucky in your love life and also have a good health. For this condition to be satisfied, you must see yourself eating an orange in your dreams. However, it also means that you are worried about the health of your friends and relatives and also remain dissatisfied with partners or associates in your business. If you are constantly worrying about the health of your friends and relatives, you could be the one to find yourself eating an orange in your dreams. If you find friends and business partners suited to you, it may be a case of bad luck only.

If you are a young girl and dream about oranges, in particular eating them, you are likely to lose your friend or beau. You are not a lucky young girl if you see yourself eating an orange in your dreams as your lover may ditch you in near future. If you see many oranges in your dreams and think about the orange that is perched at the top, you are likely to be discreet when it comes to choosing the most important man in your life from a crowd of your lovers and friends.

Slipping on the peel of an orange is rare as most people see them slipping on a banana peel. However, if you are unfortunate and see yourself slipping on the peel of orange, you could face the death of a close relative in the near future. If you see yourself buying oranges at the behest of your wife and see her eating them in your dreams, you can breathe easy as this means that if there are any complications in your relations, they will all smoothen out and become profitable for you. It also means that other problems in life will get resolved amicably.

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