The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Onion»

Meaning of Dream «Onion»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of onions indicate that you need to unravel some things before getting on to a conclusion. This states that there are several layers to the actual problem and most of these layers may be right from your childhood that have raised far enough now, creating several issues in your life. To add on to this, dreaming about onions also depict stress, which is a result of jealously or being envy of others around you.

This happens because you have got several things in life that you have worked out for the betterment of yourself and you are now finally getting to learn how to process those things in various ways. Dreaming of eating onions indicate that there’s a chance for you to be over all the challenges that are currently existing in your life. Seeing cooked onions in dreams indicate that you are soon to get something moving ahead in your business.

Dreaming of garlic or onions indicate that there’s an existence of an unfortunate energy all over the dreamer due to which several accidents may happen at times. This indicates that it is time for you to concentrate and think about what your next step in life should be and you need to take our time to process it gradually. This is the time where grace as well as balance is required, along with a deeper level of reflection on the several life layers that affect our entire surrounding. Dreaming of an ill person curing himself by eating onions indicates that the dreamer’s mind is strong enough to handle any sort of a circumstance in life and heal himself as well as his soul. Dreaming of onions all around him indicates a positive and sacred energy that would calm the dreamer and help him have an approach of natural medicine to the world as well as his life. The basic lesson to be learnt from onion dreams is to know that there are several things that make you have human experiences and hence it is necessary to let yourself learn as much as you can, along with facing various challenges in life.

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