The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Nest»

Meaning of Dream «Nest»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreams of nests indicate house, destiny as well as life. Nest symbolizes home or an individual who leaves his actual home and goes for an adventurous life. Dreaming of a cozy nest in a fully occupied tree like during summer or spring indicates your feeling of safety, especially being at home and it also represents that your home is taken good care of. If the tree of nest is dilapidated, it means that your house needs to be repaired in some way or the other.

If you are able to get a close up of the nest, especially the internal sections of it, you need to concentrate on your dream. In such a case, if you notice eggs within the nest, it is a symbol of fertility. Seeing baby birds within the nest indicates that you would have a child soon and someone around you, or probably you, yourself, are going to get pregnant. A nest with several eggs or plethora indicates a stretched life and several children. Dreaming of eggs being crushed or seeing baby birds that are dead indicate a bad omen and may mean miscarriage or illness of your child.

Always remember that dreams are indications given to you and thus the negative dreams may also depict fear. Dreaming of such things while being pregnant may symbolize your internal fears. Try understanding your brain which is trying to work out several issues that may happen and then you can take various steps to take precautions about the indications given to you by your inner self, through dreams.

Dreaming of a tree with several nests represent an individual, who has a wish to travel everywhere. This sort of a dream may also be a warning about the raising problems in relationships, along with cheating or even your insecurity for your lover.

Dreaming of a falling or broken nest or even an old abandoned nest depicts that you are afraid of loneliness, unable to build relationships or even failing in your loved relationships.

Some birds may also depict various things. For an instance, the nest of robin (or even other birds with aqua or blue colored eggs) may depict boy child; on the other hand, the speckled egg may symbolize a girl child.

Nests of dove seen in dreams also have different special meanings. Dove is the sign of peace and hence the nest depicts a new start or even home, the nest of dove states that there is going to be immense peace at home. Generally, such dreams appear when you have certain problems going on back at home or in your married life; these dreams depict good omen and state that things would get better soon. Dreaming on a dove sitting on the nest indicates that you should convert yourself into a person who can bring peace at your place and maybe it is your attitude that is creating most of the problems at home. Keep in mind the ways by which you can fill your house with peace.

Dreaming of a raven’s nest tells you to not be influenced by others and concentrate on your own life appropriately.

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