The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Music»

Meaning of Dream «Music»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Music is believed to be a creation of God and a gift to mankind. It is food for our ears and very comforting and pleasurable. Music is ingrained in our minds and a part and parcel of the lives of all of us. It is not surprising then that it is a common dream symbol also. Music it is that movie makers resort to when they have to express a particular emotion or feeling. Music in dreams has in general a positive connotation. You hear music in dreams that you love to hear in real life. This is an expression of happiness and harmony in your life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Music has universal appeal but there are songs to express a happy mood while there are sad songs also. Most common and popular songs are romantic songs expressing love and enthusiasm about life. The kind of music you hear in dreams is indicative of circumstances in your life. You are living a very happy and content life if the music you hear in dreams is melodious and sweet. Music indicates that you have overcome distress and worrying situations in life and enjoying happier times now. If you hear music in dreams, it means that you are carefree and happy ad enjoying people and things in your surroundings. The level of your happiness in real life is indicated when you find yourself dancing to the tune you are hearing in the dreams. Dancing with music also indicates the kind of security you are enjoying in life. Music in a dream tells that you are having a time full of happiness and pleasure and you are free from depression.

When music is like an accompaniment to a dream, it is a sign that music is being used to highlight the subject of your dream. The meaning of music in such a dream is dependent upon how you feel after waking up. Music has the power to change your feeling after seeing a dream.

Original Meaning

Music is a source of love and happiness for many people. It is believed to be a window to your emotions. Thus the kind of music you hear in dreams reflects your state of mind in real life. You are happy when you listen to melodious and sweet music while you are feeling sad in real life when you hear sad songs in your dreams.

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