The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Mountain»

Meaning of Dream «Mountain»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Mountains can be a place of danger, majestic and are also considered as sacred land. You dream of mountains, because you might just like being in the mountains and dream of them for that reason. They could also make you feel good about being alive, rebirth and nature as a whole. Moreover, mountains may meant to be something like a choice, for the reason that you find yourself there for some vague reasons. You will even want to consider who said good-bye whenever the journey started, the reasons why you left and things you expected to happen throughout your journey. The experience in the mountaintop has been an idiomatic expression for the best that life offers.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

Everyone needs to cope with all of the difficulties in life. It is essential for you to know how you are able to meet and deal with all of these difficulties. The symbol of mountain in your dreams provide a number of possibilities of interpretation. The way on how you behave over the mountain in your dreams is a reflection of your psychological behavior in real life. Dreaming of a mountain from the summit only means that you, as a dreamer is definitely hoping for a better view, more clarity and control over things. Whatever you find on the mountain and what happens to you in there also provides essential interpretation for you.

Important for interpretation of dreams is what the dreamer finds on the mountain or what happens there. If the path up to the mountain is very laborious and difficult, then in general it can relate to the hard situation in life of the dreamer.

Original Meaning

Seeing mountains in your dream reflects major obstacles as well as challenges that you should overcome. If you are on the top of the mountain, it simply indicates that you have realized or achieved your goals. You should know your potential completely. At some point, the mountains denote higher realm of consciousness, spiritual truth as well as knowledge. To dream that you are climbing a mountain means your ambition and determination. To dream that you fall of the mountain is a reflection how you rush to become successful without even thinking which way you should go. Such dream also means that you have the affinity to give up easily or rather escape from demanding situations. You will be the one to take the easy way out of these situations. On the spiritual level, mountains on your dream is a representation of the center of our existence. It even symbolizes the meeting place of earth, heaven as well as human advancement. To dream that you are going around a mountain simply implies that you are undertaking some sort of obstacle in an indirect manner. Dreaming about this also means that you are taking a subsidiary approach. Moreover, dreaming with mountain as your symbol only means that you are pacing yourself. You are well-aware of your limitations and know what to do in case problems arise.

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