The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Moon»

Meaning of Dream «Moon»

Dream Interpretation:

Emotional/psychological perspective

It has always been said that moon has psychological effects on human beings.

During pagan times, it was indicated that she ruled the emotions of men and guarded the intuition of women. In today’s world, it symbolizes stands still. Moonlight in the dreams indicate romanticism and in many cases enter the different dimensions of being.

Material Aspects

Feminine self and emotional aspects have been represented by the moon, always.

Love, romance, psychic and intuitions club together to form the moon.

Dreaming of moon, thus, indicates to be in touch with some parts of ourselves that are mysterious and dark. Most of the times in dreams, moon also signifies mother or our relationship with her.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a moon represents the spiritual as well as feminine self. The appearance of moon represents how close or far you are from the internal feelings.

For an instance, dreaming of a full moon states that you’re deeply in touch with the instincts and emotions.

Dreaming of a silver moon indicates new beginnings.

Dreaming of a moon being in another color, especially red, symbolizes love’s disappointments.

Someone close to us may not be as honest or truthful as they’ve been pretending to be.

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse states that the feminine side of yours in being overshadowed.

It may also mean that someone near you is going to fall ill.

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