The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Monkey»

Meaning of Dream «Monkey»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Monkey dream indicates an individual with all kinds of faults. Beating and fighting with a monkey in the dream means falling ill and then recovering from that illness.

In the dream, if monkey wins the battle, it means falling ill due to an illness that can never be cured.

Criminality and sinfulness are also represented by the monkey in a dream. Bite of the money in a dream indicates a quarrel or fight with someone.

Monkey dream also indicates an illness, deceitful person or a sorcerer.

If an individual turns into a monkey in the dream, it means benefiting from sorcery, or getting involved in adultery.

Defeated enemy is also represented by the monkey in a dream. If you ride the monkey, it means being successful in the war against the enemy. Eating the flesh of the money in the dream indicates that you are suffering from being depressed, becoming alcoholic, an illness, or being poor, that can lead one close to his death.

If an individual is gifted a monkey in his dream, it indicates that he will destroy and capture the enemy, or it can also mean that he will break a trust. If one dreams of carrying the money over his shoulders, it represents stealing something from the house, or something, which does not belong to him, but his family.

A disgusting and filthy person is also represented by monkey dreams. One may suffer a major loss in his life if he sees owning a monkey in the dream.

Disobeying the commands of God, being hated, or committing a sing, are some other meanings of seeing a monkey in the dream.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a monkey indicates deceitful people will impress you to benefit themselves.

Dreaming of a dead monkey indicates that there will be a removal of your worst enemies.

Dreaming of a monkey by a young woman represents that the woman should pressurize her lover to marry her as he may be suspected for unfaithfulness and betrayal.

If a woman dreams of feeding a monkey, it means that a flatterer will betray her.

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