The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Money»

Meaning of Dream «Money»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Representation of confidence to work one’s way in making things happen is done by the possessed money’s value in the dream. Higher the money you possess in the dream, more are the choices you have in your waking life. Always remember that the dreams’ elements are subconscious mind’s projections. This is why the subconscious mind determines the wealth in dream, and not the hark work required to earn it. The amount of money possessed in the dream does not reflect the actual wealth possessed in the waking state, yet, it reflects your happiness as well as disposition.

Monetary system dream is a symbol that you need to take things easily. Dreaming of someone giving you money states the extent of your greed and interlinked happiness. It also symbolizes that you’re worried about the financial security and the enjoyment of life is being killed by this stress. Thus, chill out and take things lightly.

Dreaming of holding a particular amount of cash indicates what you are doing currently to achieve your targets. It denotes the correct time for self assessment as it rises from unconscious mind stating that you have doubts on your own capabilities. On the contrary, dreaming of having money in the bank account or being rich is a positive dream stating that happy times wait in the future. If you use the ATM card and not your cash in the dream, it indicates that you lack confidence in creativity. Silver coin dreams indicate that mover drive in needed. Dollar dreams represent you have an excellent confidence that would help you prosper soon.

Lending cash to someone else against a charged interest in the dream is a warning that a major sadness is knocking at the door and the financial affairs need to be reassessed. Current relationships should be watched over if you get such dreams, as you might become too tight than you generally are. On the other hand, lending cash without interest is a great indication of financial freedom.

Counting money dream indicates that you wait for the creative energy within you to be tapped. It also represents that there are several ideas that you wish to share with others. Debt dreams advice that there are many interest areas in your life that have not even been started. Losing money or being stressed about it in the dream means that you have an anxiety to finish certain urgent tasks in your waking life.

Dreaming of being under a debt that you can’t repay means that you have caused an offence to someone or someone has in a certain way offended you and that there is an existence of lack of forgiveness in your life. Stealing money dreams state that you may happen to suffer with low energy of creativity and when the new ideas will not generate easily, the effects will come up, like a writer’s block. Borrowing money dreams is due to an urgent need stating that the future will make things easier for you.

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