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Meaning of Dream «Milk»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Dreaming of carrying milk in the breast, be it a man or a woman, indicates the creation of his or her savings.

Dreaming of milk flowing from the breast by a man indicates prosperity, richness and new opportunities that would prove to be fruitful in nature. Dreaming of woman’s milk indicates getting better from a disease.

If breast feeding a baby, another woman or a man, is dreamt by a woman, it indicates that the source of income of both the individuals, the breast feeding one and the one who is taking it, will be destructed. Dreaming of hiring a wet nurse in order to breast feed the child indicates raising a child like his father or even to have the features of one’s father.

Dreaming of sucking milk from the breast of a woman indicates profits as well as fame. Dreaming the horse milk in dream indicates receiving care and love from someone who is earning benefits from the relationship as well as has powers. Dreaming of drinking the mare milk indicates meeting with a powerful person, like a ruler.

Generally, goat’s-cow’s or sheep’s milk in the dream indicates valid incomes. Milking in the dream indicates cunning as well as craftiness or it may also symbolize fame. Dreaming of milking an Arabian female camel indicates working in one of the Arab countries. Dreaming of milking an Asian Bactrian camel indicates getting a job in another country.

Dreaming of bleeding glands of a female camel indicates tyranny or diversion of attention from the path of God.

Dreaming of venom from one’s glands and not milk indicates unlawful earning of money.

Dreaming of milking any milk producing animal, by a business man or a merchant, indicates profits for them.

Dreaming of sucking a pregnant camel’s breast 1, 2, or even 3 times indicates the wise attitude of the dreamer towards his religion, charity attitude, prayers to God and wish to get wisdom as well as knowledge from God. Dreaming of milking a camel and even drinking the milk indicates wedding to a chaste and sacred woman.

Dreaming of milking a cow and drinking the milk by a poor person, indicates that he will surely get some amount of money in future to fulfill his basic needs. Dreaming of drinking sheep’s or goat’s milk indicates contentment, comfort, joy and profits. Dreaming of the milk of a lioness indicates conquering an enemy, opposing the country’s ruler in a justified manner and also an inflow of money.

Dreaming of an eagle’s milk indicates victory as well as power.

Dreaming of a tiger’s milk indicates enmity towards someone. Dreaming of drinking a jackal or wolf’s milk indicates fear, losses, defrauding someone for money, paying a fine or immense lack of determination. Dreaming of a swine’s milk indicates the forthcoming changes in the state of the dreamer, alteration in his mind and concentration on his life. However, dreaming of drinking a little bit of it indicates acquisition of lawful incomes whereas drinking a lot of milk in the dream may mean getting unlawful incomes. Dreaming of drinking the bitch’s milk indicates dumbness of the mind or may represent money earned from someone who is not just or may also mean turning into the town’s governor. Dreaming of drinking milk of any of the beasts that exist indicates the dreamer’s doubts about his religion, that he generally follows. Dreaming of drinking zebra’s milk indicates illness. Dreaming of drinking a deer’s milk indicates mini earnings.

Dreaming of milk or non milk producing birds as well as animals indicates the dreamer’s wish turning true.

Dreaming of the milk of stingers and predatory animals indicates taking the decision of creating peace between the dreamer as well as his enemy. Dreaming of drinking snake’s milk indicates the performance of a deed that God really likes or even escaping from a dreadful calamity.

Dreaming of milking a fox depicts passing illness that would require being in debt for a small amount of money, however it may also indicate revering from a disease. Dreaming of drinking donkey’s milk indicates illness whereas drinking a female donkey’s milk in the dream indicates earnings of profits. In a dream, milk represents life’s difficulties, illness, and sufferings or may even mean wise nature of the dreamer.

Dreaming of milk being spilled on the ground indicates tyranny, corruption or bloodshed on the mother Earth that will be equal to the amount of the dreamt spilled milk.

Dreaming of sheep’s milk indicates lawful incomes. Milk of cow also indicates richness.

Dreaming of mule’s milk indicates horror as well as financial difficulties.

Dreaming of sable’s milk indicates fear or a disease. Pouring milk in dream or simply wasting it unnecessarily in the dream indicates the loss of money or may even mean pregnancy, scandal that will lead to the exposure of the dreamer’s life or may indicate gaining knowledge. Dreaming of curdled milk indicates stress. Dreaming of horse’s or rabbit’s milk symbolizes having a good name and passing the same name to the newborn in the family. Dreaming of human milk symbolizes trust that the dreamer should never waste or give to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Dreaming of an unknown animal’s milk indicates strength as well as energy for someone who is not well, release from jail, blackmailing, illegal takeover of a property or even extortion.

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