The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Mercury»

Meaning of Dream «Mercury»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Mercury is a planet in our solar system and also a metal used in thermometers. If you see mercury in your dreams, it means you will hear some favorable news in your business. Mercury represents intuition and knowledge in your life. Mercury is a sign of authority and therefore you are likely to come in contact with a policeman, an officer, or any other authority in your area. If you see yourself giving mercury metal to others, it means that you will not hold your promises.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Mercury planet may be a symbol of authority but seeing it in your dreams is not a good omen as it means that you may not be able to bring top completion an important project in your life. Mercury in dreams also means that it may be an intention on your part that may not be fulfilled. In Islamic culture, seeing oneself giving mercury to others in dreams means that the individual sis a treacherous person and he is betraying others. You follow your desires and have a control over your mind. If you see mercury in your dreams, it means that one of your sons will grow up and not keep promises he made to you.

If you see yourself holding this metal in your dreams, it means that you are a slave of your passions and you cannot be trusted as you are a treacherous person. If you find yourself eating mercury in dreams, it signifies troubles and worries in your life. Mercury is a very fickle metal as can be seen by its movement inside a thermometer. Seeing it in your dreams signifies changes in your life. Eating mercury in your dreams is not a good omen as it means that your wife is a wicked woman who will cheat you.

Original Meaning

Mercury is a planet of authority. To see it in your dreams means you will face unpleasant changes in your life because of the wrongdoing of your enemies. If you are a woman and see yourself being poisoned by mercury in your dreams, it means that you will face separation from your husband and family. Mercury in a dream means you are restless and fickle minded. Mercury in your dream could also mean good luck in your business and life. Seeing mercury in dreams tells you that you are facing unpleasant changes in your life.

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