The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Mango»

Meaning of Dream «Mango»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Mango is a juicy fruit that is very tasty to it. It is a sweet fruit that is also a common dream symbol. Seeing it in dreams reflects that you have a cheerful mood and feeling confident and enthusiastic about life. Mango also reflects your sexual nature and the fact that you have sexual feelings towards someone. If you se someone taking away mango from you in your dream, it means that your sexual relationship with a person may be on the verge of a breakup.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Mango is associated with erotic feelings and in dreams it is a reflection of your state of mind. People often see themselves sharing a sweet and ripe mango with the person with whom they desire to have sexual relations. If you are not able to muster courage and tell your feelings to the individual directly, your repressed feelings find a medium in a mango in your dreams. Eating a sweet mango gives you lot of satisfaction. Thus seeing yourself enjoying a sweet mango with another person means you are fantasizing about that person. If you find yourself craving for a mango in your dream, it means that you want the sweetness of the individual for yourself only.

If you see the mango in your dream as over ripe or not as sweet as you want, it is reflective of a relationship going sour in real life. If the fruit is still eatable, it tells you that you can still bring your relationship back from the brink. Do not wait any longer and start working to salvage your relationship. If you see ripe and juicy mangoes hanging from the branches of a tree that you cannot reach, it shows that the thing that you desire the most in your life may be very hard for you to achieve. If the mango you eat in your dream is very sweet, you will find yourself having a sound sleep afterwards. On the contrary, if the mango does not taste sweet or it is sour instead, you might find yourself waking up soon after this dream.

Original Meaning

Mango is a sweet and juicy fruit that is seen by in their dreams. Mango is symbolic of erotic feelings and sexual desires. Sharing a sweet mango with the person towards whom you have sexual desires means your repressed feelings have found mango as a medium for the expression of your emotions.

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