The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Magic»

Meaning of Dream «Magic»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Magic has always mesmerized human beings as it has the power to do or create unusual things. To see or to perform magic in one’s dream is indicative of wonder and creativity. There is someone in your life who has left you dazzled or mesmerized. You are in a state of awe and therefore seeing magic in your dreams. This kind of dream may also mean that someone is playing a trick upon you. In material terms, seeing oneself perform magic upon others means that you take rash action in real life. If someone else is seen as casting spell upon you in your dreams, it means that you will probably lose in your business. If you see yourself performing harmless magic in dream, it may signify unexpected material gains in real life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Magic in dreams is an indication of seeking to influence someone else in life. It also means you seek help of friends and relatives to overcome problems in your life. If you are a female watching magic in your dreams, it means that a man will come in your life and hand over some valuable gift. If you see sorcery, a kind of magic, in your dreams, it means that you long to acquire power to make changes in time and matter using supernatural powers. Seeing yourself performing sorcery in your dreams is indicative of the fact that you have confidence in your abilities and skills.

If your magic in dreams is meant to help others, it means that you have a desire to help friends and others in your life and you want to support them in one way or the other. On the other hand, performing magical spell on yourself is a good omen as it means that good things are about to come in real life and you can expect some sort of transformation in your life. Many experts say that to see oneself performing magic in his dreams means the individual is desirous of getting rid of problems in life without making hard effort. If you see a wizard performing magic upon you, it means that you are worried about your safety and security.

Original Meaning

Magic in dreams is indicative of the fact that you should try to change your perspective in life and try to see things from a new angle. It also means that you are a creative person. It is possible that someone else has cast a spell upon you and you are in his awe.

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