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A woman is one of the most common dream symbols, especially in the dreams of men.If you dream about a woman, it may be because of your day time thoughts that revolve around females.


Wallpaper is a common object used by people in their homes. It is a printed paper that is used as a covering for beautification of the interiors. Many people prefer to use it on their walls rather than to paint them.


Weather is one constituent of our dreams that reflects the feelings and the emotions of the dreamer. No matter what situation we are in, we remain aware of the stimuli and our behavior is adjusted according to these stimuli.


Wind is flowing air that is full of life force. It is invigorating and fresh most of the times though it can also have brute force to wreck havoc. Many people see wind in their dreams.


Dreaming of drinking pure water in order to quench the thirst indicates the search for balance in a particular relationship along with replenishment.


A wolf indicates guardian in our life. Dreaming of other wild dogs generally suggests that your feelings or emotions are being challenged. Dreaming of being chased by a pack of wolves or a single wolf means that you may go through some sort of depression in future.


Dreaming of winter indicates an unfruitful time in life. It may also indicate old age and also a period in life when we feel short of our energy.


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