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Scorpion is a stinging insect dreaded by moist people. To see it in your dreams indicates the fact that you are fearful of getting hurt. Scorpion in dreams can also mean poisono0us remarks and stinging comments.


If you are seeing snow in your dreams, it means you are procrastinating and avoiding dealing with your problems directly.However, in material terms, seeing snow in dreams can be indicative of profits in your business.


Snake is a cold blooded reptile that evokes fear and respect among those who see it.If you see it in your dreams, it means that are taking on the challenges thrown at you by life.


Sharks are majestic yet scary fish that most people are afraid of. Seeing a shark in your dreams means that there is a threat or danger in your life. You need to muster courage and confront your fear rather than running away from it.


Summer is one season of the year that is much awaited by people because of abundance of sunshine and warmth.People love summer season so much that they even dream about it during sleep.


Strawberry is a fruit that is loved by most people because of its great taste. It is a very common and very popular fruit that is also seen by many in their dreams. If you see strawberries in your dreams, it reflects your temptations and desires.


Spider is an 8 legged insect that is scary for most people. However, you need not worry if you see this creepy creature in your dreams. It is a very creative insect known for its ability to build webs.


Saturn is one of the 8 planets of our solar system. It is a symbol of being a deputy to the authority or a ruler. It reflects subjugation on the part of the dreamer.


Sky is the most common element of our existence that we see every day in our lives. It is no surprise then that it s a very common dream symbol. To see sky in your dreams signifies your potential and also your mind.


Stars are an integral part of our galaxy and we all grow up seeing them in the night sky. There are also rhymes and stories taught at childhood that keep us interested in these celestial bodies.


Sun is the center of our existence as it provides the warmth and comfort that is essential for human beings. It is something that we see every day and though we do not talk about it, we are subconsciously aware of its presence in our lives.


Collective unconscious is represented by dreams of space. Dreaming of needing more space is a very common one. Try to overcome the feelings of restriction.


Dreaming of being on the beach measuring the carrier waves at the feet indicates an invitation to a serene and ordered life. If you wish to turn to the river, it states that in your destiny, you don’t succeed in any way.


Dreaming of sunset suggests high powers that warn you about completion of affairs successfully. Dreaming of watching the sun disk getting lowered into the surface of the water suggests that you must look in life that will change and develop new criteria for you to analyze the events.


‘Spring forward, fall back’ saying is applicable to psychological terms as the new energy and effort is required for success. Dreaming of walking with the spring in steps, means looking forward towards something.


This is related to the development of spiritualism in an individual and may portray that you’ve got immense energy in life. There is a connection between skeletons and the need of awareness of the basic material.


Dreaming and seeing your shadow is a representation of a hidden part of your character as a person, for which you’re truly not aware of. Such attributes may not be that derogatory, but you are reluctant to reveal them up to others because you’re afraid of embarrassment and rejection.


Sugar symbolizes the convenient sides of life and everything what is being felt in your very own personality in a positive form. Dreaming of sugar represents happiness, festivities, recover from the disease, a dismiss from anxiety, putting all your worries aside, reaching your goals, fulfilling your aspirations, complete your duty without further chaos.


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