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Railway is a mode of transport that is very important in the lives of many people. It is so commonly used that people have come to rely upon its speed and comfort to reach their destination without any problems.


Running is an activity that comes naturally to human beings. It not only allows us to save time but the effort made in running also helps in keeping our body healthy.


A guarantee of something good to come in future is what is depicted by a dream of rainbow. This meaning comes in dreams due to the classic story about the gold’s pot right at the edge of the rainbow is thoroughly influenced in the folklore.


There are several meanings for roses depending on mythology as well as the culture. Due to several meanings of roses, dream’s meaning depends on the personal feelings about roses in the dream, and this indicates their meanings.


Luck, success as well as energy are the three different things indicated by a hare or rabbit dream. It’s a good sign. To add on to this, rabbits indicate sexual urges as well, a sense of wealth, idealism and even gentleness.


Dreaming of a raven is generally a bad sign of misfortune and betrayal and is a negative omen in your life. Dreaming of a raven flying right above you indicates that something bad is right over your head and you have to take precautions for the same.


Rice serves as a sustenance of life, thus, dreaming of it means that there’s a good thing coming over to you. It also suggests humbleness and simplicity.


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