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Papaya is a fruit that is eaten in all parts of the world because of its taste and health benefits. Seeing yourself eating a papaya in your dreams means that you have satisfactory health and you will also get tangible benefits in business and career.


Peacock is a beautiful bird that is known for its resplendent feathers and dancing in the rainy season.Peacock is generally associated with pride and vanity but it also indicates that you are a happy and content individual.


Penguin is a beautiful and innocent bird that is incapable of flight.If you see a penguin in your dreams, it means that there could be problems ahead in your life.


We make use of people we see in our dreams to construct our lives inside these dreams. WE often see those very people who are there in our lives in real life. Some people come to represent certain attributes or qualities in our dreams.


Paris is one of the most glamorous cities of the world. It is the capital of France and one of the most romantic cities that is frequented by honeymooners.


Winged horse Pegasus is seen by many in their dreams. It is a mythical creature that has the capacity to fly.


Snake dreams are benign, in general, whereas python dreams have deeper meanings. Snake represents an issue along with a hope of the presence of a way to tackle that issue.


Dreaming of a popcorn is an interesting one since it shows how well you are equipped with ideas and how good your outlook towards your life, is. This may also represent the genius and creativity that is on your way – generally profitable ideas in life.


These indicate power, sex, attractive and even richness. They depict wealth as well as charm in the dream. However, they are not good signs, always.


A dream that takes place in a park is a representation of an escape from the reality in a temporary manner. It is also an omen of meditation, renewal as well as spirituality.


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