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Owl is an animal that can see in the dark. It is associated with wisdom in many cultures. If you see an owl in your dreams, it means that you are being guided by this totem to see behind the veil of deception and illusion.


You need not worry if you see orange trees with ripe oranges hanging from the branches in your dreams as this is an indication that you are enjoying good health and richness.


Dreaming of might oceans depict that the dreamer is well equipped with different deep and powerful emotions, just like the waves of the ocean. Water dreams, especially of the Ocean, are commonly observed in all the humans.


Dreaming of onions indicate that you need to unravel some things before getting on to a conclusion. This states that there are several layers to the actual problem and most of these layers may be right from your childhood that have raised far enough now, creating several issues in your life.


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