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Magic has always mesmerized human beings as it has the power to do or create unusual things.To see or to perform magic in one’s dream is indicative of wonder and creativity.


Mouse is a small animal that is seen with contempt by many people as it is a symbol of cowardice and meekness.If you see this creature in your dreams, it means that you are having feelings of inadequacy.


Mercury is a planet in our solar system and also a metal used in thermometers.If you see mercury in your dreams, it means you will hear some favorable news in your business.


Magnolia is a flowering tree known for its beauty and grace. It symbolizes these qualities in the dreamer. You are a beautiful individual with a lot of grace and poise.


Mango is a juicy fruit that is very tasty to it. It is a sweet fruit that is also a common dream symbol. Seeing it in dreams reflects that you have a cheerful mood and feeling confident and enthusiastic about life.


Music is believed to be a creation of God and a gift to mankind. It is food for our ears and very comforting and pleasurable. Music is ingrained in our minds and a part and parcel of the lives of all of us.


Monkey dream indicates an individual with all kinds of faults. Beating and fighting with a monkey in the dream means falling ill and then recovering from that illness.


Representation of confidence to work one’s way in making things happen is done by the possessed money’s value in the dream. Higher the money you possess in the dream, more are the choices you have in your waking life.


It has always been said that moon has psychological effects on human beings. During pagan times, it was indicated that she ruled the emotions of men and guarded the intuition of women.


In the traditional times, merman or mermaids belonged to the sea and they were also able to exist on the land. Symbolically they represented a way to be deeply emotional as well as practical.


Dreaming of a motorcycle indicates a progress of situation that you’ve spent time in working towards. Such a dream indicates that you’re moving ahead in your life.


Dreaming of carrying milk in the breast, be it a man or a woman, indicates the creation of his or her savings. Dreaming of milk flowing from the breast by a man indicates prosperity, richness and new opportunities that would prove to be fruitful in nature.


Generally, market is a happy place and dreaming of one may represent our need to take care of ourselves and spend time with people we really like. Dreaming of a farmer market or an open air market symbolizes that we need to concentrate more on the good things that exist in our lives.


Mornings give us hope and courage to fight for another day. Just like how the sun rises, morning gives us that courage to face whatever life throws towards us.


Mountains can be a place of danger, majestic and are also considered as sacred land. You dream of mountains, because you might just like being in the mountains and dream of them for that reason.


Seeing your mother in your dreams is a big representation of your internal guidance. It means that you should have the ability to make better decisions with positive effects in your future.


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