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Lasagna is a food item that is made using pasta. It is an Italian dish popular all over the world. If you love lasagna and also see it in your dreams, it is reflective of your huge appetite.


Leopard is a ferocious animal known for its cunning nature and incredible strength. It is also known for the black and golden spots all over its body.


Love is a pure and natural feeling that is much more than admiration and short of fixation about another person. It is a feeling hard to define in words but people see it in their dreams.


If you hear the roar of a lion in your dream, your popularity will spread far and wide. In terms of psychology, lion represents all of those qualities that are shown by him: strength, courage, pride, majesty, etc.


Dreaming of a light generally means illumination. For example, ‘light right at the end of a huge tunnel’ indicates of an end to a difficult project. ‘He saw light; indicates the understanding of the actions’ results.


Lemon dreams indicate good actions in the near future. Dreaming of rotten lemon means that you have just missed out an excellent opportunity that could have changed your life.


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