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Jewelry is worn for its high price, aesthetic value, and status. If you see jewelry in your dreams, it is indicative of your own self image and worth. It reflects your taste and the things you hold in high esteem in life.


There are many emotions that people see in their dreams and joy is one of them. Feeling joyous is a pure emotion and this emotion in your dreams is symbolic of the fact that you are actually happy in real life.


Jacuzzi is a bath that is meant for as much as cleansing of your body as it is for your relaxation. If you see Jacuzzi in your dreams, it means that you are in the mood for self indulgence and complete relaxation.


Dreaming of Jesus states that your biggest aims would be achieved. During your bad times of hardships as well as immense struggle, such dreams give you strength and console you.


Jupiter rules over fortune and luck and when you’re in a good position under Jupiter, it means that success in right on your way. Details of such a dream indicate whether the luck is negative or positive.


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