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Emotions are often an integral part of dreams. These emotions or emotional states are not disguised as in real life. This means they are reflections of individual’s true feelings in life.


Hockey is a sport that has become extremely popular all over the world.It is a very aggressive and fast paced field game that requires wearing protective gear and running and chasing other players a lot.


Heaven is a place that no one has seen or experienced. It is something in the realms of divinity. Everyone dreams about ascending to heaven after death but there are some people who claim to see heaven in their dreams.


Honey is a sweet food product made by bees. It is very popular across all cultures because of its yummy taste and health benefits. Seeing honey in your dreams means wealth and prosperity in addition to love and lawful money.


Home is the symbol of comfort and security. It provides not just shelter but also the warmth that we need in our lives. Many people see it in their dreams. This is indicative of their desire to be in an environment that is safe and secure.


Dreaming of a hotel symbolizes one’s body, property, house, name, bathhouse, glory, court of justice or oven. All that happens to a person in the dream may take place in relation with any of the elements mentioned above and the relationship of those elements to his present condition.


Dreaming of a horse being pulled (a single horse or a cart) or riding the house indicates that you are trying your best to have a stronger position in your life, and you have to agree with some situations and stay happy. Contentment is something that exists in your mind itself.


Dreaming of taking a holiday means a feeling of being relaxed and getting a break from duties. Theoretically, we need not be concerned about the daily matters.


Hearing the roar or seeing a hurricane coming towards you with the frightful force indicates that you’ll be going through suspense and torture in life, ruining and failing in the affairs.


Our hands are the most used parts of our body as we express everything by them. The capability to read the language of body is the best thing.


Dreaming of entering the hell fire indicates criminal sins like adultery or even a murder. However, if one remains unharmed in the dream it indicates the unpleasant situations in the world.


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