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Guitar is a very common musical instrument loved by most people across the world. It has become such an integral part of our lives that many see it in their dreams. This stringed instrument has become a symbol of masculinity and sexual fantasies.


Geisha is the term that refers to traditional Japanese girls involved with entertainment of their guests. If you dream of geisha, it means you attracted by the charm and grace of these girls.


Gold is the most sought after metal in the world as it is used for making jewelry for men and women. There is a desire for gold among people that is hard to explain. This is why gold is a common dream symbol.


Buried longings and hopes or habit patterns that are old are generally represented by dreams of ghosts. Existence of something insubstantial is present in those hopes as sufficient energy has not been put by us in it.


Dreaming of Graffiti is what can be termed as ‘writ large’, though made in a place that’s not appropriate. This states that we need to consider more than one feature of a particular project, before making the commitment on paper.


Dreaming of a little girl represents prosperity, money after poverty, and an ease after going through hardships. If one sees a milk suckling aged baby girl in the dream, it is even better.


Female gazelle, in a dream, indicates a beautiful woman. Dreaming of a capturing female gazelle means taking undue advantage of a woman or it may also mean marriage.


Dreaming of your great grandmother or grandmother indicates that you’ve finally realized about the child in you. On the other hand, it may simple indicate the desire that exists in you to spent some time with your grandmother.


Gate dreams depict change that one is aware of. We are going through a threshold in life and maybe trying to move to another phase in life.


A gift in a dream can be a representation of a talent, skill and knowledge that you possess. It could also mean that you have a happy family life or even a fulfilling career, bringing great happiness to your life.


Dreaming of a garden is a reflection of charming and domesticated nature. Garden, for the most part is a place for both love and seduction. If you see a nice garden, it means a wish for affection and love, cheerfulness and well-balanced life.


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