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If you are dreaming and looking at the face of a person, you are actually trying to make an assessment of his personality on the basis of his looks or personality. If you find yourself looking at your face in a mirror in your dreams, it simply means that you are trying to come to grips with the manner in which you behave or express yourself in this outwardly world.


Fireworks are symbols of celebration and jubilation and they are seen during victory celebrations and salutations. If you see fireworks in your dreams, it could be indicative of recognition of your achievements in near future.


Emotions in dreams are pure and they do not stand for something else. Fear is one emotion that is very common in dreams and reflects repressed fears in real life.


Fog is something we all are familiar with. Tiny droplets of water crystallize near the surface of earth to make it difficult for us to see clearly. Many people see fog or foggy weather conditions in their dreams.


Flowers are not only aromatic, they are also very beautiful. They are tender and delicate and symbolize beauty and comfort. Many people see them in their dreams.


Fox is an animal that is not only ferocious but also very cunning. It is a very common dream symbol that stands for enemy who is trickster and a liar.


Food’s enjoyment relies upon the psychological desires as well as needs. Food symbolizes means of satisfying yourself and dreaming of food indicates that it is time to understand what you are looking forward to have in your life.


Dreaming of a fish generally portrays your character’s emotional side. Every fish has its separate meaning. Dreaming of a pink or Salmon fish generally means that some important experiences are going to be felt by you in future.


Dreaming of your brother, lover or father transforming into someone else, if you are a woman, is a sign that you should give up on a particular relationship or situation so that you can move ahead in your life.


Reviewing the dream in detail, such a dream is related to the correlated even that has happened in your life. Dreaming of flames imply the barriers related to emotions that are required to be overcome.


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