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Dancing is an activity that brings pleasure to us. It is a performing art that signifies fulfillment of desires. If you children dancing in your dreams, you will have lively and happy children in your marital life.


Dog is the closest animal to human beings. It has been domesticated by the humans and proves to be very loyal for its owner.


Dragon is a universal yet complex symbol. It is observed as both fearful yet manageable, under several circumstanced it will indicate us of our untamed nature. Chaotic beliefs and passions should be understood by us.


Diamond is generally said to be a gem that is one of the most precious ones in the world. Dreaming of a diamond indicates not only richness but also the internal mind of an individual.


Dinosaur dreams indicate that the time for you to leave things behind and move ahead, has arrived. Dreaming of dinosaurs indicates that you must give up certain ways of think and habits that you have.


Dreaming of being alone in a desert indicates an absence of emotion satisfaction, feeling of isolation or loneliness. To dream of being in a desert with someone else states that a particular relationship isn’t being led anywhere.


Dolphin may symbolize our playful side, but on the other hand, it may make us be conscious about the trickster as well as the behavior that is not expected. Dreaming of swimming along with dolphins indicates that we are trying to appreciate our own emotional nature.


Dreaming of playing the drum refers to the logic that the different people that exist in your life seem to need more from your end and hence life is turning very stressful and hectic.


This is generally seen in dreams and it refers to the failed attempts when you connect to your internal self. Darkness is your belief’s mirror and it depicts the unknown.


Daisies depict a close friend in the dreams, who is going to bring a gift in your life or may contribute to your business. This flower in a dream also represents a gorgeous looking woman.


Dentist dream represents that there’s requirement for you to heal yourself. Being a woman if you see a dentist working on the teeth indicates that you need to be conscious about the gossip that is on your way.


Deer symbolizes the spiritualistic aspect of your life. Thus, it is a positive symbol in the dream. Deer holds good news in life, new starts or even new love in the life.


You are not the only one to have woken up at midnight thrilled with dear of undefined horror caused by the evil that has recently materialized. Similar experiences have been faced by a lot of people, although differently.


Dreaming of a duck may mean both good and a bad omen, relating to the context. While eating the meat of the duck is a good sign stating that you will have luck in your life soon, dreaming of several ducks may indicate ...


Dreaming of a doctor means a powerful figure that tells you the requirement to be motivated in your life. He represents the existence of a healer that exists within yourself, who tries to let your relax yourself.


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