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We all love to go to carnivals to have some fun and enjoyment in the company of others. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like them. However, there are some people who see carnivals in their dreams. These are also the people who go for cheap thrills in their real lives.


Chicken is a flightless bird that lays eggs and it is also eaten in most cultures. Seeing chickens in one’s dream signifies that the individual is a coward and has less willpower.


If you are seeing canyon in your dreams, it may signify an end or relief from your difficulties in life. This is because a canyon is considered a place of beauty in the mountains where people go to experience some relaxation and to feel close to nature.


Coyote is an animal like a fox. It is a very aggressive yet very protective animal towards its family. It is also very deceptive in nature. If you are seeing a coyote in your dreams, it means that you are very protective towards your family members.


Cheetah is a very aggressive and powerful animal in the cat family that is known for its agility and strength.If you see a cheetah in your dreams, it reflects your power and stamina.


Dreaming about cruise ships is indicative of bright prospects in life, especially if you see clear waters surrounding the ship.The condition of waters is very important in a dream concerned with cruise ship.


Seeing animals in your dreams is indicative of your primal instincts and desires that remain repressed in waking state. Cow is a very gentle creature with the ability to provide milk to human beings.


Crocodile is a ferocious animal that lives in water. It is known for its aggressive nature and incredible strength and power. A crocodile in dreams symbolizes freedom and hidden strength.


Car may be just a mode of transport for you but it also signifies comfort and convenience. It is a very common dream symbol that represents your motivation to achieve a goal.


Castles are huge buildings that were used by royalties and nobles in old times. These royal residential structures are symbolic of magnificence, luxury, grandeur etc.


Cats are cute and adorable creatures that are kept as pets by people around the world. However, cats are known to be treacherous and deceptive.


Coffee is one of the most desirable beverages around the world with a hot coffee in the morning giving energy to start the day. It has a very yummy taste and a distinct aroma making people go crazy for this drink.


Cricket is a small but very common insect found in most parts of the world. It is known for its incessant chatter or the sound that it creates with its wings.


Appearance of caterpillar in the dream indicates that we are facing some sort of a major change. It is a warning that we must prepare ourselves for a complete destruction before we achieve the goal.


Eating the chocolate in dream means that your wish to relax and be in waking world. Being in today’s world, we seem to be always busy, and it is surely good to have some time for yourself to enjoy the easier things in life.


Positive signs are depicted by dreams of cakes. Since cakes are generally prepared for others (and not usually for yourself), they depict compassion and love that you possess for others.


Dreaming of someone else rowing the canoe states that you generally let others influence your life as well as emotions. Since canoes are manmade, if you are not the one who is controlling the canoe in your dream, it indicates that your emotions are being influenced by someone else.


Dreaming of clouds represents course of life that provide the people with drinking rainwater that also lets them wash their dirt, water for sustenance as well as crops. Clouds ion the dream indicate understanding, knowledge, wisdom, clearance as they portray divine kindness.


Dreaming about chameleon talks of your capacity to change and be adaptive to the uncertain and even the unpredictable things in your life, and this is the interpretation especially if the chameleon that you dream of is in a healthy and green environment.


A real clown has to register his mask in the real life so that no one can re-use the same make-up that he does and this aspect may same be represented in the dreams. Registration of performance is necessary.


Cherry depicts a woman’s full lips and also the beautiful kiss and thus in the dream, it indicates love and true feelings. Dreaming of picking up cherries means that the dreamer is going to have strength in a relationship that currently exists or may even make new friends.


Children has many different meanings and symbols. Children are small people, known for being good and innocent. Children is a representation of things that every adult wish to pass on.


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